The History of RPD

RPD is a technology watchdog and annual celebration stemming from the culture of Blue Dog Pict Fans of humanity, heterogeneity and creativity.


If the Sky Pirates grew around Blue Dog Pict culture, then Robot Pride Day grew out of Sky Pirate culture. Some say it never happened, others claim they have the scars to prove it. Either way, every August 4th, this historical event is commemorated with a Robot Pride DayTM march attended by all the Sky Pirates, and other citizens of the Oily Colour Pile Nebulae, that can manage to get off work for a couple of hours.

Shooting The Cost of Admission - Blue Dog Pict's second video

Origins - Branwyan, ShyOne, The Queen of Spiders, Stumpy- photo by Mary Juric

Important Events In RPD History

It is generally agreed upon that in the year 3014, on August 4th to be precise, one Darla, said leader of the Robot Pride Day uprising, cut a fiery swath through the myopic tenders of planet Natureworld’s Corprat elite to the Lullaby Cabaret. Here she commandeered the disgruntled Robot Postal Workers (RPW) to join her in a plea, a demand, for the stripping away of their arbitrary identification codes in exchange for publicly and socially recognized unique identities. This unprecedented act of solidarity in the name of individuality and creative expression came to known simply as: ROBOT PRIDE DAY.

The Historians

Throughout the Oily Colour Pile Nebulas which the Sky Pirates inhabit, there are really only two key historians whose chronicles can be taken seriously. The following columns contain excerpts from their works.

Goombaboy & Redshift4.26

Goombaboy, hailing from the Nug planet is the author of the Sky Pirate Chronicles. It is said he was actually in one of the Anti-Grav pods that flew over the Chemical Light Factory when the first Corprat Ships descended upon Planet Natureworld to quell the mayhem. As a result it is possible that Goombaboy was actually afforded a glance at the nature and scope of the mysterious force that strikes fear into the hearts of Corprat minions everywhere, the force known as Darla.

Redshift4.26 is the enigmatic scribe from planet Natureworld said to be the original author of the infamous Legend of the Sky Pirates. Some tie Redshift 4.26 to the enigmatic Sky pirate legend G-Lightflash. Others say that the association is a load of bullocks merely imitating the legend of The Comte de Sainte Germaine.


Robaught_40000_gzThe ROBAUGHT is a class _gz bot which has trapped itself in some code on the Constant Change server as it travels through the Internet. To keep it from causing chaos with our system, we occupied its task scheduler with some procedures.

Other Important Elements in the RPD Lexicon

The High Weasel

Reviled by many and feared by a few less than that, the High Weasel is the nefarious CEO of the Corprat Empyre whose Corprat Minions are the bane of peace and creativity everywhere.


The 08.ZIYA is the Sky Pirate battalions’ flying wooden mothership. Commandeered by Gematria and its trusty engineer ShyOne, this mighty vessel is the eternal guardian of the O.C.P.N.*

The 08.ZIYA’s secret was that it was powered by the Great Ape of York (G.A.o.Y.), a giant white gorilla living in a pearly white nimbus in the Engine Room which was essentially a huge rain forest nestled in the bowels of the ship. The G.A.o.Y. lived on, and in fact, generated it power by being fed Hurlz’ brand Tendon Yoghurt.

Every good Sky Pirate in Training (S.P.i.T.) knows the first rule:
No singing aloud is ever allowed around the G.A.o.Y.!!!


There are many ways to do things. The ONE WAY refers to the Sky Pirate faith that all is ONE and ONE is all. As can be learned from the teachings of the Great Walla Walla: Everything that one does is reflected in everything and vice versa. The Great Walla Walla’s greatest teaching still remains the simplest:

Close Your Eyes and Breathe


However, despite the unity message disseminated by Walla Walla, the Sky Pirates are polytheistic. At Blue Dog Pict shows with the Touring Sky Pirate Roadshow, images of these gods were always embedded into the architecture. These gods, which some of you may recognize from these performances include:

Clarke Rake: The god of Going Really Fast

Bugnisch: The god of Independence and Festivity

jMaeströk: The god of Pea Schiveir and The Tangent

Carlos: The dog of Blue Dog Pict

staege zshow: The god of High Fidelity Music/High Intensity Performance/Daring to play like you don’t need to make a sale

O.C.P.N. = Acr. for Oily Colour Pile Nebulae

G.A.o.Y. = Great Ape of York

rpd footer mech

In real-time Earth history, Robot Pride Day was invented by artist Keram Malicki-Sanchez in 1994 and originally referred to a song performed by his band Blue Dog Pict. On August 4th (his grandfather’s birthday) but arguably a date chosen for a phrase coined by the band on the same day “Where Were You the Night of August 4th?” – Robot Pride Day became an annual day of celebration, introspection and action among all Sky Pirates and beyond. It has continued to the present, celebrating over 20 years of history in the culture.