RPD 2012 Missive + Blue Dog Pict plays “Robot Pride Day” live – only existing recording

Dear friends:

Happy Robot Pride Day 2012! The Sky Pirates, who celebrate and recognize RPD every year comprise a network of human beings that was created to bring us all closer together, to share our talents and ideas and mutually support one another.

RPD is placeholder to remind ourselves of our humanity and sense of wonder and respect for the incredible universe of which we are a part. To jostle us out of the stupor of industrialization. Never has this been more important than now, as we are progressively and excessively battered about by digital media with too often aims of controlling our feelings, thoughts and perceptions.

Every year we add another small piece to the puzzle and this year we go back in time to the very origins of the annual celebration of this idea.

For Robot Pride Day 2012 – Constant Change has made available, for the first time ever, a recently unearthed video and audio recording of Blue Dog Pict playing the instrumental track that inspired the RPD movement defined in its very titled – “Robot Pride Day”.

Recorded at the Opera House in Toronto, presumably by then budding video director Rob Heydon, this exclusive clip captures a slightly blurry version of one of BDP’s best musical moments.

Details of interest about this video:

What is interesting, and that can only now be remembered in writing are the things also happening off screen:

At one point the camera zooms away to what is in fact a two-storey high Cabaret damsel puppet being controlled by four professional puppeteers, two on the ground level operating the arms and two in the balcony operating the head! (As we recall they were Jason Hopley, Vanessa Malicki-Sanchez, Jamie Shannon, Natalie Bourdeau).

Meanwhile on stage there are various saloon tables and bails of hay, populated by other puppets. The theme of the show, you see, was “The Dead Dog Saloon”.

The barkeep is played by then budding actress Kate Kelton. The band members are all dressed as Sherrifs and outlaws and the video even includes a showdown that took place at the end of the performance.

Above the band, also off-screen, was a jumbo video projection of Survival Research Laboratories’ underground robot wars that used to take place in the Nevada desert.

This is also the song whose lyrics became such a staple of the Constant Change movement:

“My daddy build robots,
We don’t tell anyone,
They have come to life.
Come. To. Life.”

This last line is the title of lead singer/songerwriter Keram’s 2012 album release, some 15 years later.

We hope you enjoy this special treat for RPD 2012.


Blue Dog Pict members included:
Keram Malicki-Sanchez – vocals, guitar
Keith White – bass, vocals
Danny Kovacevic – guitars, vocals
Jeff Hayward – drums
Josh Joudrie – sound mixer / FOH
David Buchanan – lighting / management
Bryan Pickell – management

Video footage courtesy Rob Heydon
Edited by Keram Malicki-Sanchez
Song by Blue Dog Pict (SOCAN/ASCAP)

Jason Hopley
Vanessa Malicki-Sanchez
Natalie Bourdeau

Onstage actors / puppeteers:
Jamie Shannon
Kate Kelton

Thanks to all the real Sky Pirates, then and now, for keeping the flame of hope burning forevermore. Wave your freak flag high.

~ G-Lightflash 08-04-2012