The Adventures of Francis the Robot – Five Part Video Series

The Adventures of Francis the Robot is a short film by Joseph Drushal and Vanessa Prestage about a robot that loses a part of himself and must accept the help of others to get it back! Concept/story/vision created serendipitously in a matter of hours and based entirely upon objects at hand. Pictures shot casually across 3 weeks.

Part 1/5 – Time (ft. Hélas Techne)

Part 1 shows Francis unveiling his invention among close friends Bella and MERVE. It is a celebration … Until tragedy strikes!

Part 2/5 – Forest (ft. Hélas Techne)

In part two, Francis happens upon friends of the forest. They help lead him on his journey to find the head that will take him home. He must face great challenge, however, as finding oneself is no easy task.

Part 3/5 – Desert (ft. Hélas Techne)

Now in Sir Rabbit’s care, Francis continues his quest, which seems to be taking him to strange and stranger lands. Predicament could very well be Francis’ middle name. But Serendipity could be his last!

Part 4/5 – Outerspace (ft. Hélas Techne)

In part 4, Rug is able to bring Francis ever closer to home. This time a fated encounter with the father of time travel, just a hundred and some years ago, inspires a new confidence in the science which created Francis’ future.

Part 5/5 – Go Eau (ft. Hélas Techne)

At last Francis locates the most vital component, the head, otherwise known as the Corporeal Locator for his Chronofilamental Resonance Mapper (time machine), and without delay he returns to Now. Thus concludes his journey into the realms of antiquity.

Thanks for watching!

Francis would like to give special thanks to Tolstoy for breaking his fall, Ruby, Mr. Rabbit, Al the Alchemist, Rug, Byron Igor Stüderman for inspiring future generations of man and machine, Perseus, MERVE even though he’s responsible for this whole ordeal, and Bella the love of his life!

I would like to personally thank V for putting up with my “taskmaster” shenanigans. Couldn’t have done it without you.

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