RPD State of the Union Address 2002

by Gematria
August 4th – 4014 – Lullaby City – Natureworld

As I write this, the moon is setting over Natureworld, leaving in its wake a pale blue glow that draws away from the horizon like a soft blanket, only to reveal the orange golden glow beneath it.

It is the morning of August 4th – a day imbued with meaning for those of us still living here on Natureworld. Now that all of this time has passed, one can only marvel at the idea that there was a time when we actually looked at the Neo-Sapiens as little more than battery- powered objects of subservience. These days they are even protesting the name ‘Robot Pride Day’, arguing that the derogatory term ‘Robot’ should cease being proliferated. The archivists, event organizers and historians all tend to disagree – claiming that it is the very controversy that the usage of the word sparks that informs the Spirit of Robot Pride Day and its history.

Well, first it was the question ‘will they ever think for themselves’, then ‘do they have rights?’ then ‘do they have souls?’

These days the question is – what are we fighting for? I mean, what is it that drives us? What is it that makes us OG Terra Firmans – distinctly human? If we can even be called that anymore.

I think there are very few who consider it on those exclusive terms these days. I certainly don’t.

What matters is the soul that we all share and how we grow into understanding its ultimate form and function. In feeling its scope and connection to all things.

Why does it matter? Because now that our fear and fascination with technology has settled into the acceptance that we humans are just as good as the Neo-sapiens (*cough*robots) and can still rightfully share our place in the Universes with them, we have to contend with our vast ignorance of the soul and how to live through it.

What they are they gonna call the next planet-shattering revolution: ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ – ?!?

I found this really cool ancient web site on the Pan-Galactic DB of the 21st Century. Heh, it actually has a ‘.com’ extension – how quaint.

Must remember to tell my friends about it – it’s:


Anyway, I’m going to bed. G’night journal.