Robot Pride Day – State of the Union – 2006

In order to operate a machine, you must operate like a machine.

Your Democracy is controlled by the media.

Your emotional responses are conditioned to respond to marketing campaigns.

You are funding a war whose primary objective you have been protected from knowing.

And you have revoked your right to privacy for your protection.

You are taught to Think Different about your iLifeTM by a mega corporation that prides itself on its homogeneity.

You believe you have equal opportunity in a land where the rich get richer and the poor get taxed more heavily but still believe it is their own fault that they haven’t figured out how to be as rich as those with the tax breaks.

The other day, I purchased a leather mp3 player case at Best Buy for $56.00 that said “Made In Malaysia” on the back of the packaging. I felt the strongest urge to take a plane to Malaysia, find the girl who hand crafted the case, for 0.3 cents an hour, identifying her by the quality control / serial number on it, and thanking her from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful craftsmanship. I then wanted to propse to her and live in a cave on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Your house can be photographed to inch wide precision from space. You do not have to grant permission. You do not have property.

Multi-billion dollar precision flying Robot drones are used regularly to destroy human lives from the air. In some cases they are used to destroy children hiding with their grandparents in safe houses. These incidents are called “unfortunate accidents”.

Celebrate good times, come on.

Happy Robot Pride Day