Robot Pride Day Festival 2008

Where were YOU the night of August 4th?

Rather than opine on the state of our souls lost in the morass of tech-straction as our old relationships are replaced by Twitters, I wanted to report from the Robot Pride Day 2008 event that took place in Toronto, Canada.

The Sky Pirates held a private screening of the film I wrote and directed with their help called “The Charge of the 08.ZIYA.” That was followed by an amazing set by DJ Shine who just back from touring the world as a key member of the Nelly Furtado band. He uses plastic blocks that he waves in front of a digital eyeball to mix his sets – its quite a thing to behold.

Mysterion – PhD in ESP, freaked out audience members with his mind-tricks and Virginia D’Vine wowed and wooed the crowed with her burlesque dance that included a live boa constrictor!

For my music concert, I was accompanied for an extensive set by drummer Eric Herrmann, guitarist Pete Devlin, bassist D’arcy Maguire, singer Aimee Lynn Chadwick and tabla legend Ritesh Das – a dream band for me by any stretch of the imagination.

And now, thanks to the miracle of paperback-sized streaming video I can share the highlights with you (at YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Revver, Vimeo, MySpace – whatever video portal you desire).

Thanks for experiencing,

Love Keram and the CCP crew

Celebrate good times, come on.

Happy Robot Pride Day