Author: Computron

August 4th, 2007. Robot Pride Day.

“Where were YOU the night of August 4th?”
Then the lights went out.
It wasn’t the same as when oil finally ran dry. Then, the streets ran with blood and power-lust flew over the people like an angry dragon, scouring for goats to eat and gold to line its nest.
This time was different. Serene. Of course there […]

Robot Pride Day – State of the Union – 2006

In order to operate a machine, you must operate like a machine.
Your Democracy is controlled by the media.
Your emotional responses are conditioned to respond to marketing campaigns.
You are funding a war whose primary objective you have been protected from knowing.
And you have revoked your right to privacy for your protection.
You are taught to Think Different […]

RPD 2005 – Where were YOU the night of August 4th? – KMS Explains…

August 4th, 2005. Robot Pride Day.
“Where were YOU the night of August 4th?”
This simple phrase, uttered every year on said date has become a mantra for a growing population exposed to the Constant Change subculture that arose from Blue Dog Pict and is run by Sky Pirates.
Over time the special day might suffer the same […]