Month: August 2003

The deeper ramifications of RPD – RPD State of the Union Address 2003

by Gematria
“Where were YOU the night of August 4th?”
Friends, germs, pesticides, members of the League of Sky Pirates and assorted guests…
On the night of August 4th, in the year 3014, the robot postal workers of Planet Natureworld held secret council with a force known only as ‘Darla’ at the Lullaby Cabaret. Little is […]

Homebrew Robots

by Tom Harris
For decades, a small but passionate band of hobbyists has been creating robots in garages and basements all over the world.
Homebrew robotics is a rapidly expanding subculture with a sizable Web presence. Amateur roboticists cobble together their creations using commercial robot kits, mail order components, toys and even old VCRs.
Homebrew robots are as […]

How Robots Work by Tom Harris

by Tom Harris
On the most basic level, human beings are made up of five major components:

A body structure
A muscle system to move the body structure
A sensory system that receives information about the body and the surrounding environment
A power source to activate the muscles and sensors
A brain system that processes sensory information and tells the muscles […]